Hydro Cooler


Hydro Cooler

Hydro Cooler is used to pre-cool many fruits, vegetables and small sea animals. At most cherry producers use Hydrocooler in Turkey. Pre-cooling process with Hydro Cooler raised cherry's value in foreing countries. Cherry is very important agricultural crop in Turkey. Ürker, with its pre-cooling process Hydro Cooler was acquired a right consideration to cherry one of the favorite agricultural product of Turkey related to its quality. Ürker has got lots of customers who are very famous agricultural exporation firms of Turkey which bought and used Hydro Cooler.
Ürker Hydro Coolers are produced to avoid some damages like being puckered, losing weight, losing taste and Hydro Cooler's process is one kind of speedy pre-cooling unit.
Cherry's average temperature is +30°C , after washing and pre-cooling process in Hydro Cooler, the cherry's temperature become between +2°C and +4°C. Conveyor's speed can be regulated as to requests.
Beside, Hydrocoolers are used like pre-cooling before blast process in the frozen product firms. Some of these products are pea, muskmelon, carrot, cucumber and corn. This application gets very important advantages for firms, for example energy saving and good quality blasted product by shortening blasting time (%20-%30)

Hydrocoolers have got two types

*Mobile Hydro Cooler
*Stable Hydro Cooler
Mobile Hydro Coolers are assemble on truck and they are worked by giving required electricity in everywhere (product collection places, garden, firms etc. ). (Hydro Cooler's equipments are worked with freon refrigerant.)
Stable Hydro Cooler are worked with exiting refrigeration systems that are established in cold storage rooms.

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