Water Cooling Tower


Water Cooling Tower

The water-cooling towers are manufactured within the capacity range of 22.500-1.000.000 Kcal/h. They are manufactured with steel sheet body; with epoxy painted resistant to external factors or hot dip galvanized coating. The tower with minimum water loss, inflammable plastic filling, and axial ventilator is manufactured with the parts below.

1- Main Frame: Designed to ensure the maximum endurance. Manufactured with corrosion resistant epoxy painted and with hot dip galvanized coating upon request.

2- Lower Repository: Enables the water circulated in the tower circuit to pond from below and the pump for comfortable suction.

3- Return water Repository: ensures the return water to pour appropriately over the tower filling. The special plastic nozzles placed inside the repository are natural flowed.

4- Plastic filling: The plastic filling which maintains the water and air contact on maximum levels is made of inflammable and incombustible PVC material.

5- Eliminator: The eliminators made of plastic material reduce the water loss on minimum levels by retaining the droplets in air due to its special forms.

6- Fan Motor: The fan motor which operates with appropriate power and with grid circuit of 380 Volt – 50 Hz., drives axial ventilator through direct coupled or belt and pulley mechanism.

7- Fan Safety Cage: Manufactured especially for the towers, silent, static and dynamic balanced, with corrosion resistant fan. The Safety Cage, which prevents foreign substances to enter into the tower, is assembled with a demountable structure.

8- Fan Ventilation Hood: The ventilation hood, which has an aerodynamic structure, increases the fan efficiency by maximum facilitating the airflow.

9- Water Input and Output Branch Duct: Connected to the lower repository and return water repository for pump suction and return water connections.

10- Air Vent: Enables the airflow intake of the tower uniformly.

11- Water Feed Floater: water feed floater is placed in the lower repository in order to compensate the water loss originating in the cooling tower.

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